ALTRIX is an all-aluminium modular temporary roofing and weather protection system, which utilises the slide sheet keder model. This allows the roof sheets to be installed from the supporting structure below, in complete safety. Using the proven sliding button system to retain the sheet tracking, ALTRIX uses a heavy-duty 790mm deep (centre to centre) structural beam, ideal for demanding applications and allowing large spans to be covered.

Manufactured from EN AW 6082 T6 Alloy, the 790mm deep alloy beams form the main structural member of the ALTRIX roof.  These beams have consistent nodal spacing, so that neighbouring spans can be made up from a differing combination of lengths.  The verticals are always in the same location when viewed from the side; this allows the horizontal and plan bracing to be perfectly consistent.

Where extreme loads are expected, or where exceptionally large spans are required, the ALTRIX beams can be substituted for the ASTERIX HD 1280mm deep (centre to centre) range of alloy beams.

ALTRIX has ISO 9001 and EN 1090 certified manufacturing processes and conforms to all relevant British and European Standards.

ALTRIX is more than just a roof.


Temporary roofing ADS Scaffolding York
Temporary roofing ADS Scaffolding York

Temporary roof system scaffolding

Temporary Roof Scaffolding

We supply for hire and erect temporary roof scaffolding to provide maximum protection from the elements for your entire construction project. We can provide a custom temporary roof system to suit your site.

Temporary Roof Hire

The temporary roof cover that we provide can be erected without the use of cranes, and can be erected as a mobile roof to be moved along as construction progresses.

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